To enable Trident Marine Managers to provide the prompt and effective claims management, we have developed procedures to respond immediately. A key component is the immediate notice of loss and open communication with our assureds and brokers. The notices need to be sent to David Kish with copies to Tennille Tisdale via email.


All claim losses should be reported via email to David Kish along with copies to Tennille Tisdale.

You can be confident in knowing that we will respond immediately to a notification of a new loss. We will acknowledge your claim and assist with any questions that you may have along the way in the claims process.

David Kish 281-453-1111 Email
Tennille Tisdale 281-453-1108 Email
Neenae Toney 346.444.8668 Email


Thank you for choosing Trident Marine Managers We look forward to assisting you with any claims that you may have in the future.